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They peered around searching outside the cave and around the beach for any signs of activity. She wrapped her legs around Peach's head and was pinching tightly onto her nipples as she cried out her impending orgasm. After Peach saw Daisy's ass, they both faced other again and slowly walked towards each other, Peach hugged Daisy, wrapping her arms around the tomboy's shoulders as Daisy's were wrapped around her waist. Mario and Bowser were deeply depressed over the whole moon incident. Peach reached her hand out slowly, glances back up at Daisy, then made her next move. Wrapping her arms under the backs of Daisy's thighs, she tugged her crotch forward until Peach's mouth hovered over the glistening wet pussy while having Peach's vagina right by Daisy's mouth.

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Someone could butt in and interrupt us.

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Peach giggled at her actions and proceeded to grope her butt as well, feeling it to be just as squishy and firm and both moaned and kissed from how sexy it was to feel their buttocks being grabbed at. Maybe he'll finally quit this time. Oh fuck, please! The walls of Daisy's pussy tightened around Peach's fingers. The fingers moved faster, pumping at a new pace, but Daisy suddenly flipped herself over so she lied on her stomach.

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